Centre for Health and Bioinformatics


Professor Paul Burton

Prof of Data Science for Health


In March 2017, Paul took up the position of Professor of Data Science for Health in the Institute for Health and Society at Newcastle University. Previously, he was Professor of Infrastructural Epidemiology at the University of Bristol (2013-2017) and Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at the University of Leicester (1999-2013). With Madeleine Murtagh (Professor of Sociology, PEALS Centre, Newcastle University) he co-leads the transdisciplinary D2K (Data to Knowledge) Research Group.

Over his career, his research has encompassed three broad themes: 1) Methods research in biostatistics and genetic epidemiology –  focusing on generalized linear models (GLMs), generalized linear mixed models (GLMMs) and on Bayesian approaches to modelling and statistical inference, particularly when data exhibit a strong correlation structure; 2) Applied research in genetic epidemiology and complex disease epidemiology; and 3) Health Data Science with a focus on the design, set up and harmonization of biobanks/cohort studies, and in facilitating research access to national and international repositories of data and biosamples in ways that fully respect governance constraints and yet make the necessary procedures fast and efficient.

Within the D2K Research Group, Paul now focuses primarily on Health Data Science with a particular interest in the management and exploitation of ‘BIG’ and ‘complex’ data. How we rise to challenges in these domains will determine whether health science benefits as effectively as it might from the ‘data revolution’. Full advantage must therefore be taken of rapid developments in the methods and technology underpinning the generation, integration, and interpretation of data, and the translation of evidence into policy and clinical practice. In D2K it is believed that most of the key challenges in these domains require solutions that combine technical innovation with comprehensive understanding of, and rigorous accountability to, societal needs and perspectives. A transdisciplinary approach is therefore essential and D2K comprises a diverse team spanning infrastructural informatics through to social science and ethnography via epidemiology and biostatistics.

Paul’s current research program encompasses biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics - including their associated social and ethico-legal dimensions. It focuses on the development, evaluation and application of systems and tools to facilitate: 1) streamlined well-governanced access to health-related data - whether they be intended for frontline care, health care planning or for research (the Connected Health City and 58FORWARDS projects; and 2) privacy-protected co-analysis – including federated co-analysis - of appropriately harmonized data from multiple sources (the DataSHIELD project).




Paul’s current research program encompasses biostatistics, epidemiology and informatics - including their social and ethico-legal dimensions. It focuses on the development, evaluation and application of systems and tools to facilitate: 1) streamlined well-governanced access to health-related data (whether they be intended for frontline care, health care planning or for research); and 2) privacy-protected co-analysis – including federated co-analysis - of appropriately harmonized data from multiple sources. He views his most innovative work as centring around two major projects:

1. DataSHIELD (www.datashield.ac.ukwww.github.com/datashield) addresses the commonly encountered need in the biomedical and social sciences to analyse/co-analyse individual patient data (microdata) without physically sharing those data. Paul leads the DataSHIELD project as a whole with lead collaborators in McGill University, Montreal (Vincent Ferretti and Yannick Marcon), and the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge (Tom Bishop).

The need to avoid physical data sharing may arise from: 1) ethical-legal restrictions relating to the sharing of, or access to, disclosive or sensitive data; 2) intellectual property or licensing issues associated with research access to raw data; or 3) the need to work with data objects that are too large to easily transfer. DataSHIELD can be of value in all three settings. It runs on open-source free-ware that is easily obtained and relatively straightforward to set up and implement. It enables the secure, distributed, web-based, analysis of sensitive microdata from one data source or from several sources simultaneously (Wolfson M, et al., 2010; Gaye A, et al., 2014, Wilson R, et al.,2017). DataSHIELD avoids the need to physically transfer data and prevents those data from being accessed or visualised by the user. It also has built in safeguards protecting against inferential disclosure based on analytic results. Given these features, DataSHIELD can legitimately ‘lower the bar’ of the governance procedures deemed necessary to oversee research access to data and can simplify and streamline the formalised data access procedures that often apply to health-related microdata. As well as simplifying procedures for data access it can also mitigate the need for direct human scrutiny – which is both error prone and expensive - when analytic results are released from a secure analysis environment (e.g. a secure data laboratory).

2. Connected Health Cities (CHC). There are four CHC projects across the North of England. Each CHC region aims to unite health and social care services by sharing and linking data in order to improve the health of local people. Paul is Principal Investigator (PI) for CHC (NENC) – North East and North Cumbria – which is based in Newcastle. The project team is led by Joe McDonald, Nick Booth and Mark Walsh. The overall CHC program is led by John Ainsworth, University of Manchester. The signature development to date under CHC (NENC) has been the Great North Care Record (GNCR: www.greatnorthcarerecord.org.uk): key health data from primary care including principal diagnoses, medications, details of hospitals admissions and treatments are made readily – but securely - available to other healthcare services including hospitals, out of hours GPs and ambulance services. The service covers patients from 96% of GPs across the NENC region and with ~45,000 uses per month is now firmly embedded as a key frontline service contributing to health and care. Working with cloud service provider AIMES and with Tiani-Spirit (infrastructure and middleware to exchange health information) and ARJUNA (innovation in distributed computing), CHC (NENC) is now focused on building an ARK (Trusted Research Environment) joined to a Health Information Exchange. These are key components of a Learning Health System – an ultimate aim of the developments and prototyping under CHC.

In addition, Paul is PI of 58-FORWARDS, a grant jointly awarded by MRC and Wellcome Trust (WT) that funds maintenance and enhancement of the infrastructure underpinning access to data and biosamples from the Biomedical Resource of the 1958 Birth Cohort (1958BC). He leads the Technical Review Team of the METADAC (MRC, ESRC, WT) which oversees access to biological data and samples from five major UK cohorts including 1958BC.  He is also Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Edmonton-based Alberta Tomorrow Project and a member of the Expert Advisory Group for Data Access (EAGDA) which advises WT, MRC, ESRC and CRUK on strategic issues in research data access.


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