Centre for Health and Bioinformatics



The Bioinformatics Support Unit (BSU) was established in 2005 to address a need for hands on bioinformatics expertise, and with an appreciation of the fact that this expertise could be employed on a temporary basis.


We provide training courses and bespoke 1-to-1 training for researchers and industry. We run regular courses on command-line Linux and R/Bioconductor. Our approach to training was recently endorsed by the award of a BBSRC Strategic Training and Research Skills (STARS) grant.‌

Scientific collaboration

We collaborate with researchers to provide experimental design, project planning, analysis and interpretation of a range of biological and biomedical data. The flexibility of support offered by the BSU means that our experience is broad, since we are involved in wide range of projects.

The BSU has a history of successful and productive collaborations with investigators from across Newcastle University and beyond. We are proud of our

  • co-authorship of over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and vital input for many more 
  • collaborative bioinformatics input on active grants worth around £15m
  • ‘Embedded’ BSU staff in cancer research, human genetics and cellular medicine
  • collaboration with four other Faculty of Medical Sciences core facilities to form the Newcastle University Single Cell Unit (NUSCU)

The BSU is always eager to collaborate, and to innovate. So whatever your project, if it is likely to involve a data analysis component, come and talk to us about it.


BSU team