Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Faith and Values

The Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care team is committed to providing you genuine opportunities to explore how your understanding of faith and belief can develop, and to help, encourage and support you with your own journey of faith or belief. We can help you with:

  • Finding out more about faith and belief systems and structures
  • Exploring your own faith or belief
  • Accessing worship, prayer, or meditation within a suitable faith tradition
  • Seeking meaning and contemplating ‘Big Questions’
  • Discovering the diversity of our community

The Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care team is made up of members of different faith and belief communities, currently comprising Chaplains from Buddhist, Christian, Humanist and Jewish backgrounds. In addition to the resources found within our diverse team, we also provide:

  • Regular Meditation for Relaxation sessions led within a Buddhist tradition
  • Our online Prayer, Worship and Meditation resources
  • A range of faith and belief resources accessible to students and colleagues through the University Library service and Virtual Learning Environment
  • Facilities and spaces for prayer and faith observation across the University campus
  • A safe space initiative for LGBTQ+ students providing opportunity to connect with other students in a safe virtual environment for wellbeing, support and faith development
  • Shared faith exploration opportunities in collaboration with other North East Universities and faith groups