Dr Glyn Nelson
Senior Research Associate


I work in the Bioimaging Unit, and am principally based at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality.


My research background has covered areas as diverse as filamentous fungi through to mammalian tissues. The overarching interest which bridges these different models is attempting to understand intracellular signalling networks, especially utilising live cell microscopy techniques.


BSc and PhD from Edinburgh University

Previous Positions

Postdoc with Astrazeneca and Liverpool University, followed by a postdoc at Liverpool University and then postdocs with Prof. Thomas von Zglinicki at Newcastle University.


RMS (Royal Microscopical Society) Fellow

Research Interests

My research background has focussed on the signalling networks involved in induction and maintenance of eukaryotic cellular senescence.

Other Expertise

For my work I predominantly use fluorescence microscopy, specifically live cell, timelapse imaging. For this I develop and create fluorescent fusion proteins which can report activation of signalling pathways and /or intracellular phenotoypic changes.  My recent work has focussed on changes in DNA damage induction and repair in senescence.