Development and application of high-throughput approaches for yeast genetics

Project Leader(s): David Lydall
Staff: Steven Addinall, Darren Wilkinson, Morgan Taschuk, Amanda Greenall, Anil Wipat, Conor Lawless

We use robots to perform high-throughput, systematic, yeast genetics.  An S and P Robotics, Biomatrix 3, colony handler and a Beckman Biomek FX liquid handler are used for handling yeast and an SPimager is used for photography.

The Biomatrix 3, carries picking heads that transfer from 1 to 1536 colonies from agar plates to solid or liquid media. The Biomatrix 3 is a equipped with a 192-plate stacker, a camera and bar code reader.

A Beckman Biomek FX robot is used for liquid handling.  The FX uses a magnetic pin tool to dilute and spot saturated yeast cultures onto agar plates.  The FX stacker can process up to 189 plates and uses a bar code reader to track movements.

We use a Robot Object Database to keep track of colony movement, automated image analysis to measure growth, and statistics to examine the data generated.


Dr Conor Lawless
Computational Biologist

Professor David Lydall
Professor of Genome Stability

Professor Darren Wilkinson
Professor of Stochastic Modelling

Professor Anil Wipat
Professor of Integrative Bioinformatics