Mechanisms of dietary restriction in mice – mitochondrial function

Project Leader(s): Thomas von Zglinicki
Staff: Satomi Miwa, Conor Lawless, Howsun Jow
Sponsors: BBSRC

We have shown that DR accelerates mitochondrial turnover in liver (S. Miwa, C. Lawless and T. von Zglinicki, Ageing Cell (2008) 7, 920-923).

Using multiple radioactive labeling and mathematical modelling, Satomi Miwa and Conor Lawless now analyse the impact of DR onto mitochondrial turnover in other tissues of mice. Satomi also examines mitochondrial respiration and ROS production and, together with Achim Treumann (NEPAF), the mitochondrial proteome in ageing and under DR. Howsun Jow will lend biostatistical support.

Image detail: Radioactivity decay in mitochondria from liver (red), brain (pink) and muscle (green). White indicates corrected decay curve for liver mitochondria.

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Satomi Miwa


Dr Conor Lawless
Computational Biologist

Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Professor of Cellular Gerontology