Saint – A lightweight integration environment for model annotation

Project Leader(s): Allyson Lister, Morgan Taschuk, Anil Wipat

Saint has been specifically designed to identify and integrate biological information relevant to computational models. Saint is a web application which supports the addition of MIRIAM-compliant biological annotation to SBML entities and identifies new reactions which may be valuable for extending a model. Whilst the addition of biological annotation does not modify the behaviour of the model, the incorporation of new reactions or species adds new features that can later be built upon to potentially change the model's output. Saint links potentially valuable biological information to an SBML model, keeping track of data provenance so that the modeller can make an informed decision about the quality of the suggested annotation. The system makes it easy for modellers to add explicit biological knowledge to their models, increasing a model's usefulness both as a reference for other researchers and as an input for further computational analysis.

Related publication:

A lightweight integration environment for model annotation.
Lister, A. L., Pocock, M., Taschuk, M. & Wipat, A. Saint
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) btp523+ (2009).

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Professor Anil Wipat
Professor of Integrative Bioinformatics