Systems Modelling of Nutrient Sensing

Project Leader(s): Daryl Shanley
Staff: Piero Dalle Pezze, Graham Smith, Anze Zupanic

We are developing stochastic kinetic computational models of nutrient signalling, in particular the Insulin- and Insulin-like signalling pathway, which regulates an organism's nutrient uptake (via regulation of FOXO transcription factors) and how it allocates this between growth, repair and reproduction.

Changes in Insulin signalling may be beneficial (e.g. leading to lifespan extension) or deleterious (e.g. leading to metabolic disorders). The precise outcome is highly dependent on the detailed dietary protocol or the type of genetic intervention and in which tissues it takes place. A mass of data on physiological changes and changes in gene expression has been gathered, but a quantitative mathematical model will be a great help to understanding the many competing effects. Our goal in the long term is to produce a model that links changes at the metabolic level to changes in the organism's phenotype and life history.


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Dr Daryl Shanley
Director of CISBAN

Dr Graham Smith
Experimental Scientific Officer