Dynamic Modelling of Pathways to Cellular Senescence Reveals Strategies for Targeted Interventions (2014)

Author(s): Dalle Pezze P, Nelson G, Otten EG, Korolchuk VI, Kirkwood TBL, von Zglinicki T, Shanley DP

      • Journal: PLoS Computational Biology
      • Volume: 10
      • Issue: 8
      • Publisher: Public Library of Science
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published



      Emeritus Professor Thomas Kirkwood
      Associate Dean for Ageing

      Dr Viktor Korolchuk
      Reader in Molecular Cell Biology

      Dr Glyn Nelson
      Senior Research Associate

      Dr Daryl Shanley
      Director of CISBAN

      Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
      Professor of Cellular Gerontology