Lewy body disease: Thalamic cholinergic activity related to dementia and parkinsonism (2006)

Author(s): Ziabreva I, Ballard CG, Aarsland D, Larsen JP, McKeith IG, Perry RH, Perry EK

    • Type of Article: Brief communication
    • Date: 23-05-2005
    • Journal: Neurobiology of Aging
    • Volume: 27
    • Issue: 3
    • Pages: 433-438
    • Publication type: Note
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Keywords: dementia with Lewy bodies Parkinsonism dementia choline acetyltransferase thalamus reticular nuclei mediodorsal nuclei centromedian nuclei CLINICAL-DIAGNOSIS ALZHEIMERS-DISEASE TEMPORAL CORTEX BODIES BINDING ACETYLTRANSFERASE DYSFUNCTION AFFERENTS NUCLEUS DLB