Laboratory Facilities, Machines and Tissues

Yeast robotCISBAN's fully equipped molecular biology laboratories are located in the Edwardson Building and Henry Wellcome Laboratory for Biogerontology Research.


  • Assay facilities and liquid scintillation counter
  • Specialist tissue culture facilities
  • Histology, immunohistochemistry and neurohistology laboratory


  • High throughput yeast genetics robots
    • Beckman Biomek FX Liquid Handler
    • Biomatrix BM3-09 Colony Handler
    • Matrix WellMate Dispenser
    • spImager
    • S&P Robotics Automated Incubators
  • 384-well real time PCR as well as numerous other PCR machines
  • Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
  • Varian 7 Tesla Small Bore MRI for functional and metabolic imaging
  • 2D fluorescence gel electrophoresis for proteomic analysis
  • Zeiss LSM 510 META laser scanning confocal microscope
  • A number of fluorescence microscopes
  • Electron microscope
  • X-Rad 225Kv X-ray irradiator


  • Donated brain tissue collections from aged subjects and dementia patients