We are recognised globally for our multi-disciplinary research

As one of the United Kingdom’s great civic, research intensive universities, we use our academic strengths to engage with, and be accountable to the needs of, global society.

We are recognised internationally for our work across several broad multi-disciplinary areas, including Ageing & Health, Culture & Creative Arts, Data, Energy and Cities. The breadth and depth of our work across seven research themes ensures that we work across the growing and complex social, economic and environmental challenges facing cities.

Our approach to cities research is pioneering new techniques: city scale laboratories, citizen and business engagement, and long-term, cross-disciplinary studies.

In October 2018 we announced the creation of the Farrell Centre - founded and funded by alumnus Sir Terry Farell - which will house a major new architectural exhibition centre and an 'urban room' where anyone can come to learn and discuss the city of Newcastle, its past as well as proposals for its future, and a start-up space for recent graduates. 

This website is a portal to our many staff, projects and partnerships working on Cities research.