Centres and Partners

Research Centres and Partners

The richness of our work in cities comes from the breadth of research groups, interests and partnerships at the University.

Centres, Institutes and Research Groups

  • CURDS - Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies - research centre focused upon urban and regional change, development and policy
  • Digital Civics - exploring how digital technologies can empower citizens and communities
  • Farrell Centre - founded and funded by internationally renowned architect and University alumnus Sir Terry Farrell. Includes his archive, a new architectural exhibition centre and an urban room
  • Future Homes - developing new housing exemplars that show people the future. Combining in one place innovations in flexible living, materials, digital technology and zero/low energy systems to provide supportive homes for everyone at any life-stage
  • Global Challenges Academy - fosters research and partnerships to help realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly where solutions are most urgently needed
  • GURU - Global Urban Research Unit. Promotes academic excellence and creativity to enable progressive urban policy and planning
  • Institute for Ageing - academics, clinicians and researchers working on all aspects of ageing; from medical, biological and cellular, to psychosocial, economic and environmental 
  • Institute for Health & Society - transforming health through pioneering translational research and health education
Our campus hosts a wide range of research relating to cities.
  • Mindsphere Laboratory - collaboration with global technology giant Siemens working on the cloud-based, open IoT operating system 
  • National Centre for Energy Systems Integration -  investigates the challenges of energy supply, sustainability and affordability
  • National Innovation Centre for Ageing - bringing together world-leading scientists, business and industry, health and care providers, and the public, to develop, test and bring to market products and services which enhance and improve quality of life as we age
  • National Innovation Centre for Data – we are leading this £30m/US$42m centre bringing together industry, the public sector and world-leading academics to develop the skills, ideas and resources needed to exploit the opportunities offered by the explosion in digital data
  • Newcastle City Futures - A prosperous future for cities requires the intellectual leadership from universities and full participation from citizens and businesses. We lead this RCUK/Innovate UK Urban Living Partnership pilot
  • Newcastle Helix - a 10Ha £350m/US$0.5bn site that is undergoing radical redevelopment right now. A partnership between Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council, and Legal & General, the site has been transformed through a period of demolition, urban coal mining, groundworks and now construction, taking shape as the UK's biggest urban development site outside London. It is home to our Living Laboratory and is fast-becoming internationally-renowned innovation centre for sustainable engineering, ageing and data sciences
  • SAM - Spatial Analytics and Modelling. Provides holistic and integrated understanding and ability to manage complex social, economic, engineering and technical phenomenon in time and space
  • Sense My Street - toolkit enables local people and communities to commission sensors and locate them on their streets, collecting evidence to inform or even change their communities
  • Urban Observatory - the largest set of publicly available real time urban data in the UK. More than 50 data types are being collected and made open access to 700 million data points and growing at approximately 15 observations per second

Networks and Partnerships

  • ITRC Mistral - we are part of this consortium of seven leading UK universities, investigating ways to improve the performance of infrastructure systems in the UK and around the world
  • Newcastle City Councilthe local government authority for Newcastle upon Tyne. Partner on many research projects
  • Northumbrian Water Groupone of the major water and sewerage companies in the UK, we work together on blue-green infrastruture and innovative waste water treatment technologies
  • Siemens - we hold principal partner status with the engineering and technology giant
  • UKCRICUK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure & Cities - we are founding members of this is collaboration between many of the UK's leading universities developing new state-of-the-art research laboratories