Urban Living Partnership - Newcastle City Futures

We lead a research and innovation initiative that puts the people of Newcastle and Gateshead in the driving seat to help improve the area’s health, well-being and prosperity.

The Urban Living Partnership (ULP) - named Newcastle City Futures - brings citizens together with university researchers, local authorities and partners from business and the third sector to help tackle issues and ensure the continued prosperity of Newcastle and Gateshead.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Professor of Town Planning and Director of Newcastle City Futures

People, Place and Politics

Led by Professor Roger Burrows, the People, Place and Politics theme in the Global Urban Research Unit brings together a wide range of innovative and interdisciplinary research concerned with the politics of risk, security and vulnerability in cities across the world.

Through our interdisciplinary research we aim to develop critical perspectives on:
  • concepts and meanings of place and neighbourhood
  • the (re) production of space and spatial imaginaries
  • spatially situated power relations between different people and institutions at various scales
  • governance and politics of place making

Sense My Street

SenseMyStreet is a toolkit developed in collaboration between Open Lab and the Urban Observatory at Newcastle University. The toolkit enables local people and communities to commission sensors and locate them on their streets, collecting evidence to inform or even change their communities.

For the first time, the public has access to precision sensing equipment to enable them to gather data, that is relevant to their local issues.

Institutions & Governance

The Institutions & Governance theme in the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) continues our longstanding research into the role of government, governance and universities as civic actors.

Digital Civics

Digital Civics is a long-term research initiative led by Open Lab, Newcastle University that is exploring how digital technologies can empower citizens and communities.

Since 2014, we have been examining the design and application of digital technologies in different areas of service provision: social care, community health, public health, education and local democracy. The initiative is conducted in close partnership with our local authorities (Gateshead, Newcastle and Northumberland), many local and international third sector partners and businesses, and the communities of the North East of England.

Through a process of place-based innovation we design, develop and evaluate local solutions, along with understanding their relevance to other contexts and scales.