Decision Theatre

Decision Theatre

Decision Theatre is an interactive 3D facility that provides companies, policy makers and researchers with powerful data visualisation for collaborative decision making.

Illustration of Decision Theatre
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It is linked to the Urban Observatory, the largest urban sensing network of its kind in the UK.

The sensors are located throughout Newcastle providing information on a number of things including:

  • environment
  • traffic flows
  • resource usage

This provides a holistic view of the city and enables policy makers and other stakeholders to make pertinent decisions about the future of the city with accurate, relevant information.

Understanding the city through data

Decision Theatre allows real-time data from the city to be analysed and explored. This helps understanding of the interaction between Newcastle’s energy, water, transport, waste and digital control systems. It provides important tools for simulating flood, power, heat and transport.

Using data from the Urban Observatory, Decision Theatre allows users to combine the information from its city wide sensor network with visualisation tools to explore 'what if' scenarios.

The Design Theatre provides advanced data visualisation and the ability to explore multiple data sets together to plan and operate cities sustainably.

Solving problems and making decisions

Decision Theatre provides an environment where you can collaborate and visualise data in different ways. This helps you present outcomes and make joint decisions.

It assists companies and policy makers to solve problems by enabling sharing of data. It also helps them to be more open with their citizens and employees.

Meeting the needs of business and public services

Data is becoming more important to the way companies do business and how governments provide services. If they want to start exploring their data and analysing it they need the facilities to make it happen. Decision Theatre can help them to do more with their data to gain an advantage.

Government and private sector colleagues can use researchers, PhDs, and postgraduate students as a source of skills. 

Decision Theatre can give them an overview of what their problems might be. It provides a chance to do joint research with the University to start to explore them.

Decision Theatre is linked to the Urban Observatory