Infrastructure and UKCRIC

Infrastructure and UKCRIC

Growing populations are placing an intolerable strain on infrastructure and resources in many of the world’s great urban centres. A research team in the School of Engineering are collecting data on urban life to help public bodies to make better informed decisions.

Professor Stephanie Glendinning and the academic team in the School will have an impressive research base to work from to try and provide the answers to this pressing problem.

They will use sensors and monitoring devices historically situated at sites across the city alongside data provided from the new £58 million Urban Sciences Building to provide a detailed digital picture of life in Newcastle.

To enhance knowledge of urban life, scientists will collect readings taken from the building and wider Newcastle Helix site, and collate data on: 

  • rainfall
  • temperature
  • air pollution
  • energy use
  • traffic flow 

Our aim is to help public bodies, such as the city council and emergency services, to make better informed decisions.

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