Centre for Oral Health Research

Research Facilities

Research Facilities

We offer a range of research laboratories, which support our research in translational oral biosciences and dental materials. We have a dedicated clinical research facility, which is the focal point for our patient-orientated clinical studies.

Dental Clinical Research Facility

We have a dedicated Dental Clinical Research Facility (DCRF). It's the focal point for our patient-orientated clinical studies and industry sponsored trails, in particular in Periodontology and Orofacial Pain.

The DCRF is part of the wider National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Newcastle Clinical Research Facility. It is staffed by two research dental hygenist/therapists and two dental research nurses.

The unit comprises four fully-equipped dental surgeries, two of the surgeries have operating microscopes for advanced surgical and restorative procedures.

The location of the DCRF within the Dental School and hospital allows access to supporting laboratory analysis and sample storage facilities in the Cell and Molecular Biosciences Lab.

Cell and Molecular Biosciences Lab

The Cell and Molecular Biosciences Lab is the focus for experimental research in Translational Oral Biosciences.

Our research in oral microbiology is supported by unique facilities for anaerobic bacterial culture and a variety of model systems for microbial biofilm growth and analysis.

The Cell Culture Suite supports oral immunology research using primary human cells and model cell systems.

Our fluorescence microscope suite and modern Crysostat equipment underpin immunohistochemical investigations of human cells and tissues as well as bacteria.

The laboratory is equipped comprehensively for nucleic acid and protein analysis, including:

  • qPCR
  • western blotting
  • ELISA-based assays

We have facilities for biobank storage in support of clinical studies of oral and systemic diseases.

Biomaterials Lab

Our Biomaterials Lab is similarly well equipped housing a:

  • rheometer
  • differential scanning calorimeter
  • a Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer

It hosts the Faculty of Medical Sciences atomic force microscope, facilitating comprehensive analysis of the properties of dental and biological materials.

Electrophysiology Lab

The Electrophysiology Lab has facilities for patch-clamp analysis, which permits exploration of the functional properties of live cells.

This includes measuring of transmembrane ion currents as applied to research in Orofacial Pain.