Centre for Oral Health Research

Cell & Molecular Biosciences Laboratory

Cell and Molecular Biosciences Laboratory

The cell and molecular biosciences laboratory is a focus for basic studies and translational research in oral and systemic disease.

The laboratory has an important role in supporting:

  • undergraduate research projects
  • vacation scholarships
  • intercalating MRes projects
  • laboratory-based PhD research

Facilities and equipment

The laboratory is equipped extensively for microbiological research. This includes unique facilities for anaerobic bacterial culture and studies of microbial biofilms.

The cell culture suite supports in vitro investigations using primary human cells and model cell systems.

Our fluorescence microscope suite and modern crysostat equipment underpin immunohistochemical investigations of normal and pathological tissue.

The laboratory is equipped comprehensively for nucleic acid and protein analysis. This supports in vitro experimentation and ex vivo analysis of mediators of human disease (eg cytokines).


The laboratory is close to the main Dental Hospital clinics and the Dental Clinical Research Facility. All these facilities combine with our analytical capabilities and our substantial storage facilities. This enhances our translational research agenda.