Centre for Oral Health Research

Fluoride Laboratory

Fluoride Laboratory

The laboratory is known internationally for its expertise in fluoride analysis. It is situated next to the Dental Clinical Research Facility.

The laboratory is well equipped to provide fluoride analysis of biological samples such as bone, teeth, urine, saliva and plasma.

It can also be used for non-biological samples such as water, soils, foods, drinks and dental health products including toothpastes.

It is a collaborative partner in a US NIH programme grant to develop gold standards in fluoride analysis methods (Martinez-Meir et al 2011). 

Data on fluoride content

Data on the Fluoride content of commonly consumed food and drink samples in the UK is available on Newcastle University Library ePrints Service.

This data has been generated through a range of research projects at Newcastle University and Teesside University since 2003.

Using the lab

The fluoride analysis facilities are available for externally funded project grants and MPhil and PhD research.

The lab also provides an excellent training facility for visiting researchers from abroad (Nigeria, Japan, Iran).

It is also used by dairy technicians and workers involved in the commercial production of fluoridated milks.

The laboratory also provides a fluoride analysis service for commercially produced foods and drinks.