Centre for Oral Health Research

Engagement & Impact

Engagement and Impact

Engagement and impact are key outcomes for the centre’s research aims. This aligns with the University’s vision to ‘improve economy, health, social wellbeing and cultural richness’ on a local, national and international level.

Patients and the NHS

The School of Dental Sciences and its research facilities are located within the Newcastle Dental Hospital. This gives us direct access to the patients who are under the care of our academic clinicians.

This close engagement with the NHS Trust and their patients greatly facilitates our research effort. We can recruit patients for participation in clinical studies.

The public inform our research through our dedicated Oral & Dental Patient and Public Involvement Group. There are also similar local groups such as Voice and the Research Design Service Consumer Panels.

We deliver talks for school open days and other engagement events.

Dental practitioners

In order to engage local dental practitioners with our research, we have formed the Northern Dental Practice Based Research Network.

This organisation aims to promote the development, dissemination and implementation of evidence-based dental practice in the Northern region. The COHR as the main hub of activity.

Schools and the public

We involve the wider public with our research through our School Open Days. We participate in local and national engagement events including:

Working with industry

We have a strong track record of working with pharmaceutical, biotechnological and oral health care companies. We engage with them on research council and industrially funded research projects.

This is across the full range of our research activities, ensuring cogent commercial impact for our work.

Research impact

Effective engagement is essential in defining and directing impactful research outcomes. These are described in detail in our research pages. They include:

  • fundamental discovery science, in which we have identified novel therapeutic targets essential to the integrity of dental plaque
  • research in dental nutrition, which has helped to shape global health policy on sugar consumption