Centre for Oral Health Research

Our Research

Our Research

We use our expertise to generate high quality, impactful research to improve oral health care and dental education.

We are organised into themes formulated to reflect their position in the translational spectrum.

Our research leads us from discovery science through clinical research to commercial innovation and policy impact.

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Key themes

The Translational Oral Biosciences theme conducts basic and pre-clinical research with particular strengths in cellular and molecular oral biology.

The Oral Health Care and Epidemiology theme employs epidemiological and clinical research to influence key oral and general healthcare guidelines nationally and globally.

Translational research

Cross-cutting themes in PeriodontologyOrofacial Pain and Biomaterials bridge our two major themes.

They directly draw out laboratory-based translational research into clinical applications.

Research-led teaching

Another key impact outcome for our research is better education of dental health care professionals.

Our Dental Education Research Group builds on the high-ranking, long-established international reputation of Newcastle Dental School. It enhances the delivery and outcomes of dental education.