Centre for Oral Health Research



The major focus of our work is to develop better materials for use in the replacements of damaged, diseased or missing tissues, particularly in the oral and cranio-facial region.

We also research into better understanding the effect of dietary acids on enamel and dentine. We look into the use of toothpastes to re-mineralise eroded enamel and dentine.

Key research areas

Many of the areas of our research involve the development of structure-property relationships for both newly synthesised polymers and commercially available materials.

Research in this cross-cutting theme bridges with biological research in Translational Oral Biosciences and patient-orientated research in Oral Care Pathways.

Current research involves the development of: 

  • polymers and polymer composites for tissue engineering scaffolds
  • new resorbable composites for fracture fixation plates
  • smart materials for fissure sealants and direct restorative materials

Collaboration and funding

Our work involves collaboration with the:

  • Translational and Clinical Research Institute
  • nanoLab Research Centre 
  • Bioengineering Research Group
  • other groups nationally and internationally in addition to industry

Our research is supported by funding from EPSRC, BBSRC, STFC and the EU FP7.

Principal investigator

Dr Matt German (matthew.german@ncl.ac.uk)

Recent publications