Combined Honours

Term & Exam Dates

Term and Exam Dates

It's your responsibility to find out term and exam dates. Find links on this page to term dates and exam period dates.

You need to attend university during term time, so should be aware of the term dates.

It's also your responsibility to make sure you attend examinations at all times during all three examination periods, including the resit period.

You should consider the the exam dates when making arrangements for vacation, employment and any overseas travel. Examinations are scheduled on Saturdays within the exam periods.

University exam period dates are published several years in advance.

The University publishes a provisional exam timetable about two months in advance so that you can check there are no clashes between your modules. A final exam timetable is published about one month before the exam period.

It's your responsibility to check the timetable and inform us of any exam clashes as soon as possible.

You must also read and understand the Rules for University Examinations which explain how you are expected to behave during exams.