Combined Honours

Final Year Project Modules

Final Year Project Modules

Final year Combined Honours students have the opportunity to take the Independent Study module (HSS3500) or the Final Year Project module (HSS3099).

Combined Honours Final Year Project (20 credits) (HSS3500)

The Independent Studies in Combined Honours module was created at the suggestion of Combined Honours students. It has been designed in partnership with them. 

It's available to final year Combined Honours students who wish to undertake an in-depth, independent study into one, or a combination, of their subjects of study and is 10 credits in each semester.

The module gives you the opportunity to  come up with your own independent research project and produce an output which may differ from a traditional dissertation.

For example, you might choose to:

  • make a film
  • give a research seminar
  • write a magazine article or a book proposal

Our main objectives of this module is to increase student autonomy, choice and responsibility.

However, you'll also be supported throughout this process with workshops, dialogue and supervisory advice. In addition, we value the use of peer advice and assessment on the module. 

You can only take this module if you're not carrying out a dissertation or extended study module in one of your other subject areas. 

Find out more about Independent Studies in Combined Honours (HSS3500).

Combined Honours Final Year Project (40 credits) (HSS3099)

The Combined Honours Final Year Project module has also been developed in response to student feedback. 

It is a 40 credit final year project module, with 20 credits per semester.

This module is for students who want to complete more in-depth research and culminate their degree in a larger project.

As with HSS3500, this module is only on offer to students who do not have an equivalent module available to them in one of their subject areas, or for those who wish to combine both or all of their subjects.

This module will give you the opportunity to undertake a major project and will foster autonomy, choice and responsibility. At they same time you'll receive support and guidance.

Find out more about the Combined Honours Final Year Project module (HSS3099).

Showcasing your work

For both modules there is an opportunity to showcase your work at the Combined Honours Conference.

Further information

If you're interested in taking one of our Combined Honours modules, you'll need to contact the Combined Honours Centre to discuss this.