Combined Honours

Graduate Development

Graduate Development Modules

If you're taking on a role within the Combined Honours Centre, you can choose to take our Graduate Development module in either Stage 2 or 3.

Students with specific roles

These modules are exclusively aimed at students carrying out a specific role in Combined Honours, such as:

  • student mentor
  • PASS advisor
  • Student Staff Commitee rep
  • Combined Honours officer 


The following modules are available:

You're unable to take the Graduate Development module if you're already studying a Career Development module.

Training and assessment

You need to have been appointed to a role within Combined Honours before signing up to these modules.

For further information about what these roles involve, and how to apply for them, check our Student Engagement section

You'll receive training to enable you to carry out your role safely and effectively.

You will also attend:

  • seminars covering the requirements and activities of the module
  • workshops looking at how graduate development to enhance skills and prepare for assessment
  • tutorials providing supervisory advice to guide and facilitate student project work

You will also receive self-directed learning resources to enable you to create links between your experience in the role and the knowledge and skills acquired though training.

Each module runs across both semesters (10 credits in each).

In the second half of the module, you will complete a project that benefits the Combined Honours community while enhancing your own skills

These projects, should be focussed on achieving practical rather than theoretical outcomes. You should seek to make a direct contribution to practice and policy.

For HSS2100, you're expected to undertake a group project while for HSS3100 you will conduct an individual project.

You will be required to demonstrate that you are following an action plan to enhance your skills.

This is done by conducting reflective practice and personal research in an academic manner.


These modules are more about process than content. They encourage students to take risks, be creative and develop their practice and graduateness. They will enhance:

  • graduate attributes and capabilities
  • employability and personal enterprise skills
  • student experience in Combined Honours

Supported by the module team, you will reflect on and manage your own learning and development.

Showcasing your work

You'll have an opportunity to showcase your work at the Combined Honours Conference.

Further information

If you're interested in taking one of our Combined Honours modules, you'll need to contact the Combined Honours Centre to discuss this.