Combined Honours



Find out who to contact for advice about different queries throughout your degree, including links to subject adviser contact details.

Combined Honours Centre staff

Combined Honours Centre staff can provide advice, information and guidance about your programme as a whole and should be your first point of contact for queries about:

  • registration
  • module selection
  • any difficulties you may be experiencing

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Degree Programme Director (DPD)

The DPD has overall responsibility for the structure, content and standards of the degree programmes within the Centre. 

Sarah Graham is our current Degree Programme Director, with Franck Michel as our Deputry Degree Programme Director.

For each individual Stage, a member of staff has been allocated as Stage Degree Programme Director. For the academic year 2020-2021, this follows as:

Your personal tutor

All students are allocated a personal tutor, a member of staff either from one of your subjects or the Combined Honours Centre, who can provide help and guidance about problems that you may have. They can also refer you on to wider relevant university support. 

Student Mentor

All first year students are allocated a Student Mentor. The mentor is a Combined Honours student in a later stage of the programme who will have studied one of your subjects before. Each mentor has a group of students that they advise on the basis of a shared subject. 

Subject Adviser

Although your programme is co-ordinated through the Combined Honours Centre, the academic Schools are responsible for the modules you take and manage everything to do with teaching and assessing your work. Each subject area has an allocated academic member of staff who acts as a point of contact for Combined Honours students.

You should contact your Subject Adviser if you have a subject-specific enquiry.

Module leader

Your module or seminar leader can help with queries relating to specific academic work linked to that module. They will be happy to provide you with feedback on your work as well as help you plan ahead by providing you with information about assessments at the start of the module. All academic members of staff have office hours for face-to-face queries or can be contacted via email. 

PASS Advisors

PASS Advisors are available to informally assist and guide their peer students with academic issues arising from their work, including referencing, proofreading and structuring an argument. PASS Advisors are professionally trained in order to offer advice in academic writing by a member of the Writing Development Centre. 

Find out more about the PASS scheme.