Combined Honours

Selecting your Modules

Selecting your Modules

Here you'll find links to subject-specific modules, bespoke Combined Honours modules and career development modules.

The Combined Honours Centre provides information about how to select your modules and procedures around module choices at induction sessions (for new students) and pre-registration briefing sessions (for existing students).

Stage 1, 2 and intercalating students will need to pre-register for modules for the next academic year in April every year. You'll need to attend a briefing about how to pre-register for your modules using the S3P portal.

When selecting your modules you should also check the course structure page.

Subject-specific modules

Find out about the subject-specific modules available for 2020-21 entry. 

Combined Honours Centre modules

The Combined Honours Centre has developed a number of bespoke Combined Honours modules. These include modules for students taking on roles within the Centre, such as a peer mentor or a PASS advisor, study abroad and work placement modules, and independent study modules. 

Career Development modules

The University’s Careers Service offers a suite of career development modules. They enable students to use their work or volunteering experience to gain academic credit in their degree programme. 

Career development modules can't be taken at the same time as a Combined Honours graduate development module.