Combined Honours

Personal & Extenuating Circumstances

Personal and Extenuating Circumstances

Sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected and beyond our control eg illness, bereavement and personal problems. If you believe that your performance in assessments or exams have been significantly affected by personal extenuating circumstances you should let us know.

Depending on the nature, length, and timing of the circumstances it might not have an impact on your studies and you can carry on and catch up on any missed work (eg a nasty cough or cold for five days early on in the term). 

If it does affect your studies and you need an adjustment (such as an extension of time in which to hand in an essay), you need to let us know by completing an online Personal and Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) form via S3P.  The online PEC form via S3P is new for 2016-17 and replaces the paper copy PEC form which Stage 2, 3 and 4 students might be familiar with.

You must disclose the nature of your circumstances and include any supporting evidence, such as a medical certificate from your GP. 

PEC information and supporting evidence is only seen by a very small number of staff within the Combined Honours Centre and is treated in the strictest of confidence. The process is well established and carefully managed; students must have faith in the process and be prepared to disclose their circumstances if they want this to be taken into consideration.

There is always someone to talk to, either your personal tutor or member of staff in the Combined Honours Centre

More information about the PEC process is available on the Student Progress website.

For further information about extensions, including the maximum extension time granted, check the University's Regulations, Policies and Procedures page