Combined Honours

Personal Tutors & Centre Support

Personal Tutors and Combined Honours Centre

You'll be allocated a personal tutor, and will also receive support from the Combined Honours Centre.

Personal tutors

The majority of Combined Honours students will be allocated a personal tutor for the duration of their degree. For students going on a year abroad, if you don't have one already, you will be allocated a personal tutor from Modern Languages at the start of Stage 2.

Your personal tutor is your link with the University, a member of staff who can provide help and guidance for any issues that you may have and can refer you on to the relevant support. Your personal tutor will either work in the Combined Honours Centre or in one of your subjects. Personal Tutors are there to:

  • advise you about any issue – academic, personal, financial 
  • support you if you are ill, miss classes or assessment deadlines (and advise on the PEC process)
  • be your advocate and supporter when you deal with any issue involving the University
  • help with your academic progress, clarify feedback etc
  • assist in your development
  • be your referee for jobs and internships

Your personal tutor will invite you to an initial meeting, which you must attend. You should take the initiative to schedule meetings with your personal tutor if you need to talk about any difficulties. You should get in touch with your personal tutor at least once every semester to update them on your progress

All tutor meetings with Stage 1 students will be recorded through ePortfolio, a confidential, online system that includes a record of the meeting. 

If you want to you can make a request to the Combined Honours Centre to change your your personal tutor by completing a Change of Personal Tutor Request Form ‌(PDF: 42KB).

If you have difficulty getting in touch with your personal tutor contact either the Combined Honours Centre or the Deputy Director for Combined Honours, Sarah Graham (

Combined Honours Centre

The Combined Honours Centre provides advice, information and guidance throughout your degree.

We're responsible for everything to do with your degree, from your UCAS application as an applicant, through to your graduation and beyond. 

The Combined Honours Centre should be your first point of contact for queries about module selection, registration, and any difficulties you're having. We have a quiet room behind our offices where we can discuss any issues confidentially. 

You should contact us with any queries about:

We also set up careers events exclusively for Combined Honours students such as Combined Honours week. 

Contact us

The Combined Honours Office is located on the second floor of the Bedson building (map reference 20) and is open 9.30-16.30. 

Find out more about Combined Honours team, and how to contact us.