Combined Honours

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to explore a new culture, acquire and develop language skills, and help you stand out in the job market. Learn about the study abroad options available in Combined Honours.

There are three ways you can study abroad during your degree: by taking an intercalating year abroad (for modern language students), by spending a single semester abroad or a year abroad.

Intercalating Year Abroad

If you continue with at least one modern language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish and Latin American Studies) after Stage 1 you will take an intercalating year abroad between Stages 2 and 3.

Study Abroad Year

If you're not taking a modern language you can study your degree abroad full a full academic year as part of our new Combined Honours Study Abroad module (HSS3011). 

Single semester abroad

If you're not studying a modern language you can choose to study one of your subjects abroad for a single semester at one of our partner organisations in Europe or outside of Europe.