Combined Honours

Intercalating Year Abroad

Intercalating Year Abroad

If you're studying a modern language as part of your Combined Honours degree, after Stage 1 you will spend an Intercalating Year Abroad. This will be in a country where your chosen language is spoken.

Studying a modern language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish and Latin American Studies) enables you to spend a year abroad between Stages 2 and 3. This makes your programme four years long.

You can spend your year abroad in one of the following ways:

  • working as a teaching assistant in a school (UK nationals only)
  • studying at a university (usually under the Erasmus scheme)
  • undertaking a paid work-based placement

You can divide your time between countries in which the languages are spoken, or spend the whole year in one country. However, students taking either Chinese or Japanese must spend the whole academic year in either China or Japan. 

Arrangements for your year abroad

The School of Modern Languages arranges the year abroad for Combined Honours students as well as their own. The School also organises a number of briefing sessions for Stage 2 students, as well as several social events to meet with final year students who have just returned from their year abroad.

If you're not studying a language but want to spend a year abroad you can do this by taking one of our Combined Honours study abroad or work placement modules.