Combined Honours

Single Semester Abroad

Single Semester Abroad

If you're not studying a modern language you can study abroad for a semester with one of our partner universities either in Europe or outside of Europe.

You can study abroad for either semester in Stage 2, or the first semester in Stage 3. 

This is instead of studying at Newcastle for that period so the grades you get for the modules you take are translated back into Newcastle grades and count towards your degree.

After you've chosen your partner institution you will need to make an appointment with your Schools Exchange Coordinator, which for Combined Honours is Colin Bryson. This is to look at modules available at your chosen partner institution and to ensure it meets the requirements of your degree programme so that you can transfer your attained credits back to Newcastle.

Exchanges in Europe

If you want to study at a university in Europe you'll need to apply through our Erasmus+ scheme

Since the majority of European universities don't offer combined courses you might need to split your degree so that you study one of your subjects abroad and study your other subject (s) when you return to Newcastle. 

For example, if you were doing a 60:60 split in Business Management and History you may have to do all management modules whilst abroad and all history modules when you get back. If you were doing an 80:40 or 40:40:40 split you may have to do more modules in one semester than another.

As well as studying abroad you can also choose to take a work placement.

Visit our Study Abroad and Exchanges website for:

  • information about exchange opportunities in Europe
  • our European partners listed by subject area
  • fees and funding details
  • language requirements
  • how to apply

Unlike the Non-EU programme, because there aren’t any institutions that do Combined Honours, your exchange coordinator will be someone from the school of the subject you pick to study whilst abroad. For a list of the coordinators for each school check the Exchange Programme School Co-ordinators (PDF: 192KB).

Before you start your exchange programme you'll need to attend a pre-departure briefing for European exchanges which is organised by the University's International Office. 

Exchanges outside of Europe

We have partner universities across North and South America, Asia and Australia. 

Visit our Study Abroad and Exchanges website for:

  • information about exchanges outside of Europe
  • our partners outside of Europe listed by subject-area
  • fees and funding details
  • language requirements

How to apply 

After meeting with your School Exchange Coordinator you'll need to complete a Newcastle University Non EU Exchange Programme Nomination Form.

Visit the Study Abroad and Exchanges website for further details about how to apply. 

Before you start your exchange programme you'll need to attend a pre-departure briefing for non-European exchanges which is organised by the University's International Office. 

Rent rebate

If you go abroad for one semester only and have to continue paying rent on your Newcastle accommodation whilst you are studying overseas, you may be eligible to apply for a small rent rebate, to assist with these costs. This assistance can only be applied for through the International Office when you've completed your exchange period.