Combined Honours

Combined Honours Modules


Find out more about Combined Honours modules for 2019-20.

We've developed a range of bespoke modules to maximise opportunities for students and develop autonomy and skills.

Our Combined Honours modules have been designed in partnership with our current students, at their suggestion. They have helped to develop many specific features, including assessment methods. 

If you decide to take a Combined Honours module you'll be supported through:

  • regular workshops
  • dialogue with peers and teaching staff
  • individual supervisory advice

Graduate Development

These modules give you an opportunity to develop and enhance your graduate attributes and skills.

These modules require students to have a volunteer role in or outside of Combined Honours. For example; Peer Mentor, SSC rep, Society Officer, Charity Volunteer etc. 

You will be encouraged to reflect on work in that role in order to develop professional skills and graduate attributes that you feel you can improve. 

Module CodeModule TitleCredit ValueSemester 
HSS2100 Graduate Development in Second Year  20 1&2
HSS3100 Graduate Development in Final Year 20 1&2

Study Abroad & Work Placement Modules

If you want to work or study abroad, we've developed study abroad and work placement modules.

All three modules below are taken between Stages 2 and 3 of academic study. At the end of Stage 1, students will receive a call for expression of interest in taking one of these modules.

If you're not already taking an intercalating stage through a language subject, you can choose to take one of the below Study Abroad or Work Placement modules.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.

Module CodeModule TitleCredit ValueSemester

Combined Honours Work Placement and Study Abroad

120 1&2

Combined Honours Work Placement

120 1&2
HSS3011 Combined Honours Study Abroad 120 1&2

Project Modules

If you want to do an in-depth independent project in your second or final year on a topic of your choice, we've developed project modules.

Project modules are available to Combined Honours students who want to undertake a research project into one or a combination of their subjects of study or a related field. This may be interdisciplinary, cross disciplinary or drawn from a single discipline in focus. You choose your own project and the type of ‘output’ is your choice too. It could be a research report but it could also be a film, a website, or a play.

There are two modes of support on these modules; workshops and supervision.

You have the opportunity to take HSS2300 at stage 2 or Final Year Project modules HSS3500 or HSS3099 at Stage 3.

Module CodeModule TitleCredit ValueSemester
HSS2300*  Combined Honours Second Year Project  20  2

 Combined Honours Final Year Project (20 credits)

 20  1&2
HSS3099  Combined Honours Final Year Project (40 credits)  40  1&2

* If you are interested in this module please contact