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Stage 1

Find out about Education modules in Stage 1.

Students study either 40 or 60 credits from these modules in Stage 1.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.


Module Code Module Title Credit Value Semester
EDU1001 Education, Children and Society 20 1
EDU1002  International Development 20 2
EDU1003 British and Comparative Education 20 1
EDU1005 The History of Education  20 2
EDU1007 Social Policy and Learning 20 2
EDU1008 Adventures in Digital Learning 20 1


Stage 2

Find out about Education modules in Stage 2.

For Stage 2, students choose 40, 60 or 80 credits.

For students taking 80 credits and who wish to complete the dissertation (EDU3001) in Stage 3 they must take EDU2003* at Stage 2.


Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester 
EDU2001 Psychological Perspectives on Teaching and Learning 20 2
EDU2003* Introduction to Research in Education (Requirement for EDU3001 Dissertation in Stage 3) 20 2
EDU2008 Globalisation and Development 20 2
EDU2009 Social Constructions of Childhood 20 1
EDU2010 Gender and Education 
20 1
EDU2011 Child Development and Speech and Language Acquisition 20 1

Stage 3

Find out about Education modules in Stage 3.

Students continue with either 40, 60, or 80 credits in Stage 3 (as they did at Stage 2).

*The year long 40 credit Dissertation module is 10 credits in Semester 1, plus 30 credits in Semester 2.

Module CodeModule Title Credit ValueSemester
EDU3001* Research Dissertation (Pre-requisite EDU2003) 40 1&2
EDU3002 Social Justice and Education 20 2
EDU3005 Philosophy of Education  20 1
EDU3006 Responding to Special Educational Needs 20 2
EDU3008 Child Development 20 1
EDU3012 Contemporary Issues in Development 20 1