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Stage 1

Find out about History modules for Stage 1.

Students study either 40 or 60 credits from the list below in Stage 1.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.

All Students are required to take the following compulsory module:

Module CodeModule TitleCredit ValueSemester
HIS1100 Evidence and Argument (Compulsory) 20 1

Students can either pick one further module (if studying a total of 40 credits of History) or two further modules (if studying a total of 60 credits of History) from the following list:

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester
HCA1001 Slavery 20 1
HCA1003 Gods, Gold and Silk: Global Middle Ages 20 2
HCA1007 Stuff: Living in a Material World 20 2
HCA1008 Global Ancient Histories 20 1
HIS1101 Historical Sources and Methods 20 2
HIS1102 History Lab I 20 1
HIS1103 Histroy Lab II 20 2
HIS1104 Public History 20 2
HIS1105 What is History For? 20 1

Stage 2

Find out about History modules for Stage 2.

Students study either 40, 60 or 80 credits from the list below in Stage 2.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.


Module Code Module Title Credit Value Semester 
ARA2011 Prehistoric Europe 20 2
ARA2091 Archaeology of Roman Empire: The Roman World from Augustus to Justinian  20  1
ARA2097 Historical Archaelology of the Modern World (post 1492) 20 
CAH2006 Hellenistic Empires from Alexander to Cleopatra  20  2
CAH2007 Caesar's Gift: Rome under the Emperors  20  1
CAH2020 Greek and Roman Religion 20 
CAH2061 Slavery in Greco-Roman Antiquity 20 
HIS2027 Afrca: History of a Continent 20 
HIS2095 Social Histories of Alcohol: Britain and Ireland, 1700-Present 20 2
HIS2219 Oral History and Memory  20  1
HIS2240 Greece from Ancient Times to the 21st Century: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Study of the Past 20 2
HIS2300 1968: A Global Moment? 20 2
HIS2301 Communications in Medieval World, from Europe to Asia: Prayer, Poetry, Pictures and Travel 20 2
HIS2303 Contesting Reproductive Rights in the UK and Ireland 20 2
HIS2304 Crafting History: The Dissertation Proposal 20 2
HIS2305 War, Wounds and Disabilities in the Modern Russian, American and British Wounds 20 1
HIS2306 Famines in History 20 1
HIS2307 Germany and Central Europe in 19th and 20th Centuries 20 1
HIS2308 Histroy and Film: Representing the Past  20 1
HIS2310  Land and Society in the USA, Ireland and Scotland, c. 1840-1922 20 1
HIS2313 The Sea in History  20 2
HIS2315 Violence in the American South: From Enslavement to Civil Rights 20 2
HIS2316 Researching History 20 1
HIS2317 The Aftermath of the War in Europe and Asia, 1945-1956 20 1
HIS2318 Revolutions of the Mind: European Thought, 1550-1750 20 2
HIS2319 Reformation and Revolution: Tudors to the Georgians 20 1
HIS2320 The Supernatural: The Cultural History of Occult Forces 20 1
HIS2321 Global Environmental History: From the 'Little Ice Age' to Greta Thunberg 20 1
HIS2322 Diversities of Sexuality and Gender in History 20 2
HIS2323  Britain Since the 60s 20 1
HIS2324 Black Atlantic History from c.1500 to the Present 20 2
LAS2030 Comparative History of Hispano-America and Brazil: From Independence to the Mexican Revolution (1789/1810-1917) 20 1


Stage 3

Find out about History modules for Stage 3.


Students are allowed to take a maximum of two specialist subject modules; one in each Semester.  Students studying 60 or 80 credits in History can do so by taking two special subject modules (one in each Semester) plus non-specialist modules that are not capped i.e. HIS3000, HIS3020 and HIS3030, or the ARA, CAH and LAS modules from the list below.

Before module pre-registration opens in S3P (on Tuesday 18th May 2021), students are required to submit their preferences for their specialist subject module(s) (in ranked order) using a separate web-based form, the link for which is:

This form will open at 09:00am on Monday 26th April 2021 and close at mid-day (12noon) on Friday 30th April 2021.  There is no rush to fill in this form during the 5-day period that it is open as allocations will not be made based on timing, however, it must be submitted correctly before it closes.  At the end of the form, there is a free text box where students (if they wish) can tell us why a certain choice is particularly important to them.   When completing the form please note that:

a)       Students who want to take two specialist subject modules (one in each Semester) must select 10 different modules from the list below with at least 4 from each Semester.

b)       Students who want to take one specialist subject module from the list below must select 5 different modules all from the correct Semester.

Then during module pre-registration in S3P (on Tuesday 18th May 2021), students do not select their specialist subject modules on S3P.  Instead, they need to pre-register for the following substitute module(s) in S3P i.e., both HIS0001 and HIS0002 if they want two specialist subject modules, or HIS0001 OR HIS0002 if they want one specialist subject module:

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester 
HIS0001 Semester 1 substitute for stage 3 HIS capped special subject 20 1
HIS0002 Semester 2 substitute for stage 3 HIS capped special subject 20 2


Students who wish to undertake independent research in History may wish to choose one or more of the following modules:

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester 
HIS3000 Reading History (Not Capped) 20 1
HIS3020 Writing History (Dissertation) (Not Capped) 40 1 & 2
HIS3030 History and Society (Not Capped) 20 2


Students may select modules from the following (Note: all specialist HIS modules are capped at 20):

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester
ARA3016 The Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours  20 1
ARA3021 Frontier Communities of Roman Britain 20 1
ARA3100 Archaelogies of the Middle Sea: An Armchair Voyage Across the Prehistoric Mediterranaen  20  1
CAH3005  City of Athens: Power, Society and Culture 20 
CAH3033 The Fall of the Roman Republic 20 
CAH3035 The World of Herodotus 20 
CAH3036  Roman Egypt 20
HIS3035 Elizabeth I: The Politics of Religion 20 2
HIS3131 Social Histories of China and Taiwan in the Cold War 20 2
HIS3134 The Great Patriotic War and its Aftermath 20 1
HIS3135 The Nazi New Order in Europe 20 2
HIS3203 Madness, Nerves and Narratives in Georgian Britain, c. 1714-1830 20 1
HIS3206 The Irish Revolution, 1879-1923 20 2
HIS3212 Reconstruction and the New South, 1865-1900 20 2
HIS3219 Living Together: Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Iberia 20 1
HIS3220 British Foreign Policy since Suez 20 2
HIS3222 Jarrow Crusade 20 2
HIS3232 Civil Rights and Armalites; Northern Ireland since 1969 20 2
HIS3235 Genocide and Justice in the Twentieth Century: From the Armenian Genocide to the International Criminal Court 20 2
HIS3240 Civil Rights in America, 1948 - 1975  20 1
HIS3285 Post-Revolutionary Mexico: From Zapata to the Zapatistas 20 2
HIS3295 Royal Portraits: Christian Kings and Kingship, c.870 - c. 930 20 1
HIS3321 Viking-Age Scandinavia 20 2
HIS3326 Women in Colonial South Asia: Tradition, Reform and Modernity 20 2
HIS3328 Imagined Futures 20 1
HIS3330 Islamism and It's Origins 20 2
HIS3331 God's Terrible Voice: the Experience and Impact of Plague in England, 1500-1722 20 2
HIS3336 Punishing the Criminal Dead: Crime, Culture, and Corpses in Modern Britain 20 2
HIS3337 Russian Cities and Culture from Peter the Great to the Revolution  20 2
HIS3341 Lunatic to Citizen? Madness and Society since 1900 20 1
HIS3346 The Rising Generation: Youth, Age and Protest in Post-War Britain 20
HIS3347 Consuming Empire: Global Trade and the Transformation of Britain, c. 1688-1820 20
HIS3349 Health and disease in the Anthropocene: Intersections of Human and Environmental Health Post-1800 20
HIS3350 Travelling the Mediterranean: Passages from Antiquity to Modernity 20
HIS3351 Buddhism and Society in Medieval Japan 20 1
HIS3352 The Renaissance World of Machiavelli, 1450-1550 20
HIS3353 Conflict and Consensus in Early Modern European Political Thought 20 1
HIS3354 Unfree Nation: Enslavement in the United States form the Colonial Era to Reconstruction 20 1

Inter-American Relations from the Spanish-American War (1898) to the end of the Cold War (1989/1991) (Not Capped)

20 2