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Stage 1

Find out about History modules for Stage 1.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester
HIS1025 World Empires 20 2
HIS1027 European History 20 1
HIS1029 Varieties of History 20 2
HIS1030 Evidence and Argument (Compulsory module) 20 1
HIS1044 Aspects of British History 20 1
HIS1046 The History of the Americas 20 2

Stage 2

Find out about History modules for Stage 2.

All Stage 2 History modules are capped at 55 unless otherwise stated

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.


Module Code Module Title Credit Value Semester 
ARA2091 Archaeology of Roman Empire: The Roman World from Augustus to Justinian (not capped) 20   1
CAH2006 In Alexander's Footsteps: Classical and Hellenistic Empires (not capped) 20   1
CAH2007 Caesar's Gift: Rome under the Emperors (not capped) 20   2
HIS2002  Fatal Allies: Anglo-Irish Relations 1798-1998  20   1
HIS2050 The European Enlightenment, 1700-1789 20   1
HIS2072 Anglo-Saxon England: From Roman Britain to the Norman Conquest, 410-1066 20   1
HIS2078 Approaches to the History of Western Medicine 20   1
HIS2085 Pre-Columbian and Spanish America 20  2
HIS2086 20th Century France 1914-1995  20   2
HIS2103 The Dark Ages: Early Medieval Europe and its Neighbours, 500-900 20   1
HIS2114 Death, Dying & the Dead in Early Modern England, 1500-1832 20   1
HIS2122 Ideas and Revolutions, 1640-1953 20 2
HIS2124 A History of Contemporary Britain 20 


HIS2131 American Slavery, American Freedom: Black and White America in the Age of Revolutions 20   1
HIS2132 The Criminal Atlantic in the Long Eighteenth Century: Pirates, Convicts and Rebels (Capped at 40) 20   1
HIS2133 Society and Politics in Colonial India, 1880s-1947 20   2
HIS2140 Survey History of Japan 20  2
HIS2212 History and Memory in the United States 20  1
HIS2219 Oral History and Memory  20  1
HIS2234 Atlantic Slave Trade, 1450-1870 20  2
HIS2235 The Soviet Experiment, 1917-1991 (Capped at 80) 20  2
HIS2239 Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in Egypt and Sudan 20 2
HIS2240 Greece from ancient times to the 21st century: Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the past 20 1
HIS2241 The History of Modern Germany, 1806 until today 20 2
HIS2242 Researching History (Capped at 110) 20 2
HIS2249 Conflict, Colonialism and Conspiracies: The Politics, Impact & Memory of the British Transition from Empire after 1945 20 2
LAS2030 Comparative History of Hispano-America and Brazil: from Independence to the Mexican Revolution 1789/1810-1917 (not capped) 20  1

Students who wish to take an Erasmus Student Exchange module as part of History should consult and obtain the approval of the Combined Honours Degree Programme Director as well as the HIS2100/HIS2101 Module Leader. Students may undertake the Erasmus programme which would entail undertaking 60 credits during an entire semester in an Erasmus-partner institution.

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester
HIS2100 Erasmus Student exchange (not capped) 60   1
HIS2101 Erasmus Student exchange  (not capped) 60   2

Stage 3

Find out about History modules for Stage 3.

All Stage 3 modules are capped at 20 except HIS3000, HIS3020 HIS3030 & ARA3031 which are not capped and HIS3135, HIS3240 & HIS3337 which are capped at 40.

Select the module code for specific module information including the module summary and aims, knowledge and skills you'll gain, and the module leader.

Students are allowed to take a maximum of two specialist subject modules; one in each Semester.  Students studying 60 or 80 credits in History can do so by taking two special subject modules (one in each Semester) plus uncapped modules i.e. HIS3000, HIS3020 and HIS3030.

At module pre-registration, students do not select their two special subject modules.  Instead they pre-register for substitute modules (listed below) and then submit their preferences for special subject modules (in ranked order) using a separate web based form (more information will be provided by the Combined Honours Centre):

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester 
HIS0001 Semester 1 substitute for stage 3 HIS capped special subject 20 1
HIS0002 Semester 2 substitute for stage 3 HIS capped special subject 20 2

Students who select BOTH substitute modules (i.e. HIS0001 and HIS0002) must select 10 different modules form the list below with at least 4 from each Semester.

Students who select ONE of the substitute modules (i.e. HIS0001 OR HIS0002) must select 5 different modules from the correct Semester from the list below.

Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester
ARA3013 Early Medieval Northern Europe (not capped) 20 2
ARA3016 The Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours (not capped) 20 1
ARA3031 Historical Archaeology of Britain 1500-Present (not capped) 20 1
HIS3000 Reading History (not capped) 20 1
HIS3020 Writing History (Dissertation) (not capped) 40 1&2
HIS3030 History and Society (not capped) 20 2
HIS3035 Elizabeth I: The Politics of Religion 20 1
HIS3131 China in Revolution 20 1
HIS3135 The Nazi New Order in Europe (capped at 40) 20 2
HIS3181 The American Civil War, 1861 - 1865 20 2
HIS3195 Weimar Republic 20 1
HIS3203 Madness, Nerves and Narratives in Georgian Britain, c. 1714-1830 20 2
HIS3205 Fascism in Italy, 1914 - 1945 20 2
HIS3206 The Irish Revolution, 1879-1923 20 1
HIS3212 Reconstruction and the New South, 1865-1914 20 2
HIS3219 Living Together: Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Iberia 20 1
HIS3229 The Spanish Second Republic and Civil War, 1931-1939 20 1
HIS3232 Civil Rights and Armalites; Northern Ireland since 1969 20 2
HIS3240 Civil Rights in America, 1948 - 1975 (Capped at 40) 20 1
HIS3284 The Mexican Revolution 20 2
HIS3295 Royal Portraits: Christian Kings and Kingship, c.870 - c. 930 20 1
HIS3321 Viking-Age Scandinavia 20 2
HIS3326 Women in Colonial South Asia: Tradition, Reform and Modernity 20 1
HIS3328 Imagined Futures 20 2
HIS3330 Islamism and its Origins 20 1
 HIS3331  God's Terrible Voice: the experience and impact of Plague in England, 1500-1722 20 2
 HIS3332  The Haitian Revolution 20 1
 HIS3334  Talking Cures and Troubles: An Oral History of Health and Medicine in Britain, c. 1948 - 2000  20 2
HIS3335 Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1453-1798 20 2
HIS3336 Punishing the Criminal Dead: Crime, Culture, and Corpses in Modern Britain 20 2
HIS3337 Russian Cities and Culture from Peter the Great to the Revolution (Capped at 40) 20 1
HIS3339 The Moral Economy of Loyalty in Northern Ireland, 1921-39 – the Linen Lords and the Plebs 20 1
HIS3341 Lunatic to Citizen? Madness and Society since 1900 20 2