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Psychology (only available for Stage 3 in 2018-19)


Psychology is only available to current students already registered on this subject. Find out about Psychology modules available for Stage 3 students in 2018-19.

Find out about modules available for Stage 3.

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Stage 3

Find out about Psychology modules for Stage 3.

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Module CodeModule Title Credit Value Semester 
PSY3001 Evolution and Behaviour 10 1
PSY3006 Consumer Psychology (Recommended Pre-requisite PSY2003) 20 2
PSY3008 Art, Mind and Brain (Pre-requisite PSY1005 or PSY2002) 10 1
PSY3009 Cooperation 10 2
PSY3018 The Damaged Brain: Case Studies in Neuropsychology 10 1
PSY3020 Face Perception (Pre-requisites: PSY1004, PSY1005 or PSY2002) 10 2
PSY3026 Psychology of Religion 20 2
PSY3027 Disorders of Development; a Psychological perspective 20 2
PSY3028 Work Psychology (Pre-requisite: background in management or social or behavioural science, or completed modules in organizational behaviour or human resource management.) 10 2
PSY3030 Foundations of Forensic Psychology 20 1
PSY3031 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning (Recommended Pre-requisites: PSY1004 or PSY2004) 20 1
PSY3033 Eating and Weight Disorders 20 2
PSY3039 Clinical Sport & Exercise Psychology 20 1
PSY3041 Sensation & Perception in Atypical Development (Pre-requisites: PSY1002 or PSY2001) 10 2