Combined Honours

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

We believe in a university community where students and staff take an equal part and have an equal say. This includes all aspects of your degree, the student experience, and the governance of the Combined Honours Centre.


We want your feedback now so we can act quickly and change things for the better.

The committee welcome your feedback on any issue at any time. We also have processes for gathering feedback regularly throughout the year.

Student representation and democratic partnership is important to us. We organise this through our Student-Staff Committee.

Student support

The Student-Staff Committee have designed two schemes offering support for students. These are provided by peers.

This gives our students a chance to pass on their wisdom and expertise gained from their experiences.

Find out more about peer mentoring and Peer Assisted Study Support.

Social events and activities

All of our social events and activities are led by the Combined Honours Society. This body is entirely student led and independent.

The Combined Honours Conference is a major annual event that showcases student projects.