Combined Honours

Combined Honours Society

Combined Honours Society

The Combined Honours Society is run by a team of Combined Honours students. It's a society that promotes a strong sense of community and allows students from different subjects to come together and mix within one group.

We run a number of socials and events throughout the year. You'll get to meet fellow students on nights out, trips abroad, weekends away and at the Christmas and summer balls.

We also have our own sports teams that play and compete regularly.

Combined Honours members

President Jack Dixon
Treasurer Emily Thompson
Secretary Lucy Butterworth
Events Secretary Helen Stevens
Events Secretary Kerri Robson
Social Secretary Fiona Barcenilla van der Maesen
Publicity Officer Joel Hyde
Sports Secretary (Netball) Jess Belch
Sports Secretary (Football) Blair McLaughlin

Email the Combined Honours Society:

You can also join via the Students' Union.