Combined Honours

Student-Staff Committee

Student-Staff Committee

The Student-Staff Committee (SSC) is pivotal to the partnership between students and staff in Combined Honours.

The Student-Staff Commitee (SSC) is student-led with an elected chair and secretary.

There are also elected student representatives for all stages of our degree programme. These include representatives for Stage 4 students (returning from year abroad or work placement).  

The staff facilitator is our Student Engagement Co-ordinator, Ruth Furlonger.

The Degree Programme Director, Colin Bryson, and Deputy Degree Programme Director, Sarah Graham, also sit on the committee.

Student members can also invite other staff members to meetings. 

Structure and activities

Each stage is divided into constituencies. This means that each representative has between 30 and 40 constituents to be responsible for.

Your student representative will contact you early in the year and keep in touch throughout the year. They'll ask for your views, and keep you informed.

The SSC represents you on various boards and committees:

  • the Board of Studies, responsible for the overall management of the degree
  • the Faculty Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee, responsible for all education matters in the Faculty
  • the Student Union Education Committee

The agendas and minutes of the SSC meetings are posted in hard copy in the student common room, sent via email by your representatives and posted on our webpages.

 The SSC are going to meet 6 times in the 2017-18 Academic Year. You can keep up with their activity on this page. If you have any items of business to suggest, you can let your student representative know.

Addressing key strategic issues

The SSC does more than deal with student feedback. Each year the representatives identify a number of key strategic issues to address.

The representatives form working groups to investigate new ideas. They gather evidence from staff and students (and examine good practice externally). They recommend new policy to the SSC, and the SSC implements that policy.

Peer Mentoring and the PASS scheme were developed this way.

Recent examples of new policies include:

  • co-designing new modules
  • enhancing the subject advisor and personal tutor system
  • ensuring that Combined Honours students are included in all the activities and communities within academic subjects

Get involved

If you'd like to participate in these activities, contact a member of the SSC to find out more.

Stage 2, 3 and 4 representatives are elected in March or April. Stage 1 representatives are elected in October. All student officers and representatives serve until the end of the academic year in May.

The SSC meets twice per term. In addition there are:

  • representative training events
  • a strategic planning meeting
  • social events

The Annual General Meeting is held in May. The annual report is approved, and the new Chair and Secretary elected.