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Minutes and Agendas

SSC Minutes and Agendas

Use this page to see up to date information about Student-Staff Committee meetings which have taken place.

‌‌SSC Annual Report 2017-18

Student-Staff Committee Annual Report 2017-18

Find out about the activities and meetings of the SSC during the last  Academic Year by reading the SSC Annual Report. 

Look at the document links below for information about the activities and meetings of the SSC this Academic Year 2018-19.

‌‌SSC Meeting 1 - 23rd October 2018

 Agenda for Meeting 1   Minutes of Meeting 1

SSC Meeting 2 - 13th November 2018

 Agenda for Meeting 2   Minutes of Meeting 2

SSC Meeting 3 - 4th December 2018

Agenda for Meeting 3   Minutes of Meeting 3

SSC Meeting 4 - 5th February 2019 

Agenda for Meeting 4 Minutes of Meeting 4

SSC Meeting 5 - 5th March 2019