Combined Honours




'Graduateness' is the qualities, skills and understanding you can gain through your university experience. It's about making the most of your time with us, in both academic and extracurricular activities.

Becoming the best graduate you can be gives you the best chance of achieving your goals and aspirations after university.

It's much more than just getting a high grade or leaping into the first job that comes along. It's about the range of personal and professional qualities and skills you'll graduate with.

We are committed to developing your graduateness. We've created some specialist modules that are focused on graduateness. These complement your subject-specific modules.

Find out about other ways you can enhance your graduateness.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study can enhance your graduateness. Check what postgraduate courses and postgraduate funding are available at Newcastle University.

Enhancing Graduateness

Graduateness is a quality that you can improve. The key to enhancing graduateness is to challenge yourself. Take on worthwhile activities that stretch you and develop your attributes.

Attributes are more than just skills. They involve being competent at using and showing a range of complex skills.

To develop your attributes, you have to be aware of exactly why and what you're using them for. You have to be aware of the broader context. Your attributes will help you tackle complex problems in our current, fast moving world.

Developing your attributes

Academic work

You develop some of these attributes through your academic work. For example, 'scholarship' is an attribute.

To develop an attribute more fully you need to take on a larger scale research project.

This gives you a chance to develop the question yourself through:

  • identifying a gap in knowledge
  • applying appropriate strategies to gather evidence
  • analysing the question
  • communicating to the intended audience

Non-academic work

In your professional career, you are unlikely to focus on writing essays. Because of this, it's important to understand the processes behind your academic research projects.

You develop attributes by practicing and doing, then reflecting and improving. Most of us learn through taking (calculated) risks and making mistakes.

Your research projects at university give you the chance to practicing in low stakes situations.

Get involved

There are lots of opportunities to develop your attributes at the University.

Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities available to develop your attributes.

You can get involved with Combined Honours itself as a:

You can get in touch with Colin Bryson if you want to get involved in another type of project (eg paid internships).

You can also look into opportunities through NCL+ , including:

  • work placement or study abroad
  • societies and sports
  • volunteering and work experience
  • Student Union or student media roles 
  • part-time work or internships

Academic credit

You can join these activities up with the curriculum by doing some roles for academic credit. A role that involves Combined Honours directly can be done as part of the Graduate Development modules

You can do other roles as part of the Career Development modules.