Combined Honours

Staff Profiles

Professor Colin Bryson

Director of Combined Honours Centre


Colin has carried out a diverse range of roles in Higher Education ovver the last thirty plus years in several universities. He is really enjoying the flexibility of his current role as Director of the Combined Honours Centre where he is fortunate enough to have some fine and super-engaged students with whom he has been able to introduce innovative practices and policies.


Colin has two research interests.

Support and development of part-time teachers in Higher Education. Colin has been the leading UK expert on this for many years and been an advisor to other projects across the world. This is now a former interest

Researching and promoting student engagement. Colin is the founder and chair of RAISE. He has carried out a series of major studies and published extensively on these issues. More recent work links SE to the development graduateness. He is a leading advocate of the students as partners model and trying to push back the boindaries of this in his practice at Newcastle. 


I teach a number of innovative undergraduate modules that that all been co-designed with students on Combined Honours. There is an independent studies module where students undertake scholarly projects and they are encourages to be creative and interdisciplinary. They are also encouraged to present their findings in innovative formats.

There are also graduate developoment modules where students build their development on a basis of a significant role they undertake within Combined Honours such as menotr or rep, in addition to undertaking a practice based project.

All these modules reward and recognise the process undertaken, de-emphasing the content.