Combined Honours

Staff Profiles

Sarah Graham

Deputy Director


Since 2006 I have been actively engaged in scholarship and research relating to how students in HE learn and in turn how we best support them to learn. Through evaluating professional practice, sharing ideas and disseminating findings at conference and through publication, I have implemented assessment and feedback practices that support the development of self determined learning, and teaching practices that support inclusive learning and student engagement. Learning as a social construct underpins my research my about learning and teaching in HE, inspired by the work of Mezirow, Wenger, Erikson and Ziehe.



I currently teach a number of innovative undergraduate modules that that all been co-designed with students on Combined Honours. There is an independent studies module where students undertake scholarly projects and they are encouraged to be creative and interdisciplinary. They are also encouraged to present their findings in innovative formats.

In the past I have taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students in 3 other universities. I have also facilitated the learning of academic colleagues in other universities to develop their teaching practices and continue to undertake this role here at Newcastle.