Combined Honours

Enrich Your Experience

Enrich your Experience

There are plenty of extra curricular activities to get involved in at Newcastle University. From sport to societies, from volunteering to getting credit for work, there is something for everyone.

Combined Honours activities

The Student-Staff Committee

You can apply to be a course rep. You'll be responsible for representing the views of the students on your course. 

Course reps meet with staff at a Student Staff Committee meeting to discusses ideas and issues, and carry out necessary action. You'll also work to develop new and innovative ideas to improve the experience of students on the course.

PASS Scheme

After your first year you can apply to become a PASS Advisor. You'll help other students in their studies. 

This role also benefits your own studies. You'll do training in academic writing so you can advise others.

Student Mentoring

In first year you'll have a Student Mentor to help you integrate into University life. You can become a mentor and pass on your knowledge and experience.

Combined Honours Society

Combined Honours Society helps you meet other people on a similar course. There are a range of events including nights out, day trips, sports and even international trips.

Work placement year 

You can do a work placement year, between Stage 2 and 3 of your degree by taking our Work Placement (HSS3010) module.

University activities

The Student's Union has a wide range of activities to get involved in, from social events and sports to volunteering. 

You can volunteer with the Sustainability Team on areas of environmental management.

We have lots of opportunities to gain work experience. There are regular internships available that are unique to Combined Honours. The Careers Service also help place students into work experience roles.

Academic credit

The Career Development Module lets you use your volunteer work or work experience for Academic Credit. This module is available to all students, including Combined Honours.