Combined Honours

Film Studies

Film Studies

You can study film from a variety of different aspects, which range from national cinemas, Hollywood genres, theories of gender, narrative and spectatorship, and popular culture.

UCAS Code: BA Combined Honours (Y001)

Subject summary

We have a long tradition of teaching film at Newcastle University. Film studies provides an introduction to film both as an art form and as a manifestation of popular culture, so no practical film-making is involved.

Teaching generally takes the form of lecture and seminar format, with screenings of core film texts.

Our staff have a wide range of specialisms in the study of film and visual media, in particular focusing on international cinema. Modules are available on:

  • Algerian
  • British
  • Chinese and Japanese
  • French
  • Spanish, Latin American

and US cinemas. Topics covered include questions of:

  • genre
  • the auteur
  • national cinemas
  • theories of gender
  • narrative and spectatorship
  • representations of identities

For Combined Honours, film studies is available only as a joint or minor subject only (not a major).

We have great facilities to support the study of film, including a couple of extensive film collections with group viewing facilities. 

Nearby there are numerous cinemas to visit.

Close to campus, local favourite The Tyneside Cinema screens classics, experimental and foreign language films.

The Star and Shadow cinema also screens classic, independent and experimental films and shorts.

Just a short walk from the University there's a large multiplex, while an IMAX screen is at the Metrocentre in Gateshead.

Film is offered by the School of Modern Languages. Find out more about our lively and popular FILM SOC.


Students are advised to read one of the standard introductions to the subject:

  • David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, Film Art: An Introduction, McGraw Hill 2004, paperback
  • James Monaco, How to Read a Film, OUP 2000, paperback


For more information on the modules available, visit the Film Studies Module List. Modules are subject to change and could differ on an annual basis.

Contact us

If you have any questions about choosing film studies as part of your Combined Honours degree, just email us.

You can also contact our subject adviser for film studies.