Combined Honours

Media & Communication

Media and Communication

Media and communication is a innovative subject for Combined Honours. Discover how information is created, managed, promoted, circulated and consumed in contemporary society.

UCAS Code: BA Combined Honours (Y001)

This is a rich, exciting, diverse and flexible subject area.

As part of your Combined Honours degree, you can combine various areas of study - or simply specialise in two or three in more detail.

You will develop and apply critical thinking and theoretical knowledge to your study, and learn how to carry out practical evaluations.  

You'll be able to offer imaginative solutions through high quality verbal, visual and written communication.

Media and Communication is offered by the School of Arts & Cultures.


There are no pre-requisites to be able to study media and communications as part of your Combined Honours degree.

If you have a background in the arts, humanities and social sciences, you are more likely to adapt to the subject area more easily.


For more information on the modules available, visit the Media and Communication Module List. Modules are subject to change and could differ on an annual basis.

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You can also contact our subject adviser for media and communication.