Combined Honours



Portuguese as part of a Combined Honours degree places emphasis on language learning. You'll discover Portuguese cultural and social life via news, contemporary literature and current affairs.

UCAS Code: BA Combined Honours (Y001)

Subject summary

During Stage 1 of your study, your focus will be on communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and Portuguese grammar. We encourage self-reflection and independent learning.

In Stage 2 you can further develop your Portuguese with a range of materials to challenge your language skills.

All Combined Honours students studying a language, go abroad for an intercalating year between Stages 2 and 3. You'll be based in a country where the language is spoken, to develop your language knowledge and expertise. 

We have excellent links with other institutions, including the Centro de Língua Portuguesa (Instituto Camões), which is a major regional and national resource supporting the teaching of Portuguese.

After your return in Stage 3, we'll have small-sized classes. We work on building on your knowledge learnt so far and skills gained as part of your intercalating year abroad.

To compliment your study, we offer a few modules about Portuguese and Brazilian histories and cultures.

This subject is available as a joint or minor subject only (not major).

You may also be interested in the Modern Languages Society.


You can study Portuguese for your Combined Honours degree only from beginners' level.

A maximum of two language subjects can be taken together, but only one of these can be at beginner's level.

It's not possible to study two language subjects on their own without a third non-language subject.


For more information on the modules available visit the Portuguese Module List. Modules are subject to change and could differ on an annual basis.

Contact us

If you have any questions about choosing Portuguese as part of your Combined Honours degree, just email us.

You can also contact our subject adviser for Portuguese.