Combined Honours



Psychology at Newcastle has a strong emphasis on the biological and evolutionary basis of behaviour, thought and personality.

Psychology is available for 2016 entry only.

Subject summary

Broadly defined, psychology studies the behaviour and cognitive capacity of humans and non-human species, as well as the development of these skills. 

Our researchers in the School of Psychology use a variety of field and experimental techniques for their investigations.

This may range from:

  • recording the behaviour of birds in their natural habitats
  • using questionnaires to assess subjects’ attitudes
  • conducting computer-based experiments with human participants
  • using computer simulations of behaviour

We use this data to understand and predict the variety of behaviours and skills demonstrated by different individuals and species.

Combined Honours students studying Psychology will not receive BPS accreditation. You can take a conversion course afterwards, but this is not currently available at Newcastle University.

Psychology is not normally available as a major subject combination in Combined Honours, but it can be taken as a minor or joint.

Offered by the School of Psychology.

You may also be interested in the Psychology Society.


To study psychology as part of your Combined Honours degree, an A or B in a science (psychology can be included as a science) A-Level (or equivalent) is normally required. A Grade B at GCSE Mathematics (or equivalent) is also required.