Combined Honours

Support & Wellbeing

Support & Wellbeing


The University has many support schemes in place for all students to access during their time in Newcastle.

Mentoring and advice

Within the Combined Honours Centre we have a range of tutors and advisers working alongside staff, as well as student-led support such as mentoring and PASS scheme.

Finance, disability and health

The Student Wellbeing Service assist in areas of: 

Language, literacy and numeracy

Language support is available to those where English is not their first language, and we also have a newly refurbished Language Resource Centre for all students to use. Literacy and numeracy support is also available.


As well as support with language, writing and maths, the University has three libraries on campus.


We have advice for incoming exchange students and international students.

Student Support

There's plenty of support for Combined Honours students whether you need advice about your degree programme or a specific module within it.

Combined Honours staff

The Combined Honours Team can provide: 

  • advice
  • information
  • guidance 

about your programme as a whole and should be your first point of contact. This might include queries about registration, module selection or any difficulties you experience.

To contact, email: or Tel: +44 (0)191 208 7479

Personal Tutor

All students get a Personal Tutor who is an academic from a subject you study or from Combined Honours. 

Your Personal Tutor will stay the same throughout your three years (where possible). 

Your tutor can provide help and guidance for many problems and can refer you on to the relevant support.

Subject Adviser

Your programme is Combined Honours, but Schools are responsible for modules, teaching and assessment

Each subject has an allocated academic as point of contact for Combined Honours students. 

You should contact Subject Advisers with subject-specific enquiries.

Module Leader

Each module in your degree will have a Module Leader. This is a named member of staff who can answer all queries about the module

Some modules are taught in seminars. Your seminar leader may be different to the module leader.

Student Mentors

All first year students get a Student Mentor.

Helping you settle in

This is a Combined Honours student in a later stage of the programme, studying one of your subjects. 

Each mentor has one group of students they help on the basis of a shared subject of study. 

We know students often prefer to address questions to other students rather than staff. Feel free to do this. 

The mentor will have regular meetings with your group in the first term.

You will get the opportunity to become a mentor yourself in due course. 

You can even do this as part of an academic module (as part of one of the graduate development modules).

Student Mentor role

The mentor will 'look after' a group, each consisting of Stage 1 students. This will involve giving help to students when:

  • they need support
  • they need someone who listens
  • they need someone to go through their different options and talk through choices
  • they need knowledge about where to get specialist advice and help

The scheme is not a substitute for personal tutoring or subject advisers. It complements and supplements these systems.


Your mentor contacts you before the term starts in September. So you will already know someone on your first day

You will also get to know the other people in your mentor group, who will study at least one of the same subjects as you.

Your mentor helps integrate you into university life and gives a student perspective

You can ask your mentor queries that you perhaps would not ask a staff member.