Combined Honours

Why Choose Combined Honours?

Why Choose Combined Honours?

As one of the most flexible degree programmes in the UK, Combined Honours offers a choice of more than 20 different subjects. This ensures that you get a wide and varied experience, leading to a range of job opportunities.

Combined Honours is a challenging but rewarding degree. It offers a wider range of opportunities than a single or joint honours degree.

You have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of subjects. You can then combine 2 or 3 of them for in-depth study in one of the most extensive degree programmes of its kind in the UK.

You'll attend the same lectures and classes as students specialising in each subject, but you'll only take a proportion of the options in each subject, so your workload will be the same as any other student.

Combined Honours will help you enhance your independence, adaptability and confidence.

By studying more than one subject, you'll be able to see the world from multiple perspectives. 

Combined Honours at Newcastle

Student engagement is core to our provision. We provide many opportunities to get involved in co-managing your degree and supporting your peers.

We work with our students to design and offer modules specific to Combined Honours.  We ensure you develop your graduate attributes, combine your subjects effectively and to do independent research on topics that interest you.

Our level of flexibility is higher than most other Combined degrees on offer, for example:

  • you don't have to commit to subjects until arrival
  • there's an opportunity to change your mind about subject combinations and modules during the first two weeks of teaching
  • you can switch from joint to major-minor routes and vice versa 
  • all subject combinations have the same entry grades

We also offer opportunities to include a Work Placement Year or Study Abroad Year within your degree programme.